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Big Nine League Fan Expectations... 


Realizing the importance and need to teach good sportsmanship and good citizenship through interscholastic athletics not only to the athletes/coaches who participate in the program, but to all students, adult fans, and participants, the Big 9 considers it an ongoing goal to emphasize the following expectations.


Big 9 Athletic events are meant to provide a safe environment where everyone feels respected.  The WIAA Handbook places the responsibility for crowd control at interscholastic activities clearly in the hands of the member schools. Student and adult fans are expected to support COLUMBIA BASIN BIG 9 activities in a positive manner. Incidents of negative or disruptive behavior on the part of student and adult fans shall be considered a violation of the COLUMBIA BASIN BIG 9 LEAGUE rules for good sportsmanship and shall be dealt with according to the nature of the specific violation and in accordance with the appropriate state statutes.


Spectators shall have all spirit items approved by the school administration. Individual schools and/or facilities may have expectations different than listed here and will be communicated to schools prior to their event as needed.


  • Foam fingers, hand held pom-poms, and small hand-towel sized rally towels with professional printing approved by school administration (a sponsor name/logo on the hand towel is permissible provided it is secondary in size to the predominate school name/logo) are permissible.
  • Official school banners and flags are permitted. Only Administrative approved hand-held signs are permitted.
  • Individual schools and facilities dictate whether face painting is allowed.
  • Signs for event sponsors and broadcast media are permitted.
  • All fans must wear shirts at all times. Appropriate school clothing is expected.
  • Artificial noisemakers, including thunder sticks are not allowed and will be confiscated. Cheerleaders may use megaphones.
  • Confetti (or confetti-like material including Talcum Powder/Flour Bombs) are not allowed at an athletic event.
  • Run through signs are allowed at events only under the direction of the school administration and only if they are done by the cheer squad.


  • Only school district accepted cheers may be used at appropriate times.
  • Cheers and chants are to be directed only toward the school’s team.
  • Cheers, chants or yells intended to degrade an opponent and/or profanity will not be allowed. Repetitive chants toward the opponents are not allowed.
  • Cheers, chants or yells that single out any particular player by using his/her name or uniform # will not be allowed.
  • Harassment of any kind, including racial or sexual comments directed towards players, opposing fans, or officials will not be tolerated.  Violators may be removed from the contest and/or subject to penalties from the league as well as local law enforcement.


  • Mascots are allowed for the home team only, and must be a part of the schools cheer / spirit program. 


  • Each facility will indicate appropriate seating for home and visiting spectators.
  • Student sections shall remain on the side of the gym or field designated for their school.  Visiting athletes, not playing in the current game are required to sit in the designated area for their school.
  • Each school will designate a section for students to stand continually.  Continual standing will not be allowed in any other area during the contest. It is the responsibility of the supervisors from each school to admit students to those sections and supervise their conduct.


  • Sports Medicine, Dance and Cheerleaders are the only student groups allowed access to the field or floor before, during and after the event. 
  • At no time may students be in the playing arena before, during or after the event. The only exception would be for halftime activities as approved by school administration.
  • Tunnels may be formed and must not encroach on the playing area unless in uniform and under the direction of the school administration.
  • High Five lines may be allowed depending on the host school. High five lines are for the home team only and must involve the home teams side of the playing arena only.  These lines must stay completely outside of the court or field lines.
  • Upon the completion of all contests, teams will be allowed to shake hands and return to their locker room areas prior to anyone gaining access to the field/court.

Revised 12-7-16

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